AI Inside by FabricAI

AI Inside by FabricAI

Automatically train and deploy state-of-the-art deep learning models for purchase invoices

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 Used by +1 000 companies

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AI Inside by FabricAI

AI Inside – Deep learning for purchase invoices

Superior model quality

AI Inside by FabricAI is currently used to automate more than 1000 customers’ purchase invoice handling in Finnish, Swedish, English and Norwegian. We automatically feature engineer the invoice data with our proprietary processors, and then train the model using the best model for your needs.

Handles purchase invoices

AI Inside by FabricAI is tailored for purchase invoices as they are found in the current Finnish and Norwegian accounting systems. Regardless of the quality of invoices – our models can handle all cases from OCR invoices to Finvoice.

Easy-to-train models

AI by FabricAI automates feature engineering and feature extraction. You only need to convert your invoices into FabricAI’s schema and then you are good to go. Our processors and models are in constant development and you will automatically be able to use the latest innovations in deep learning for purchase invoice automation – with no extra cost.


AI Inside by FabricAI provides a simple and intuitive RESTful API that you can use to get predictions for required labels. All data is saved within the EU and our processes are GDPR compliant.

Saves time

AI Inside by FabricAI reduces the time to go from an initial idea to production-ready deep learning models from months to days.

Saves money

AI Inside by FabricAI doesn’t require large annual licensing fees or setups costs. With AI Inside by FabricAI you only pay for what you actually use.

Deep learning for purchase invoices
AI Inside

State-of-the-art deep learning model

State-of-the-art deep learning model

For automating purchase invoice processing.

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Train a model to predict purchase invoice routing table. You may use a hybrid model where you first use e.g. value based filtering and then query the appropriate routing model.



Pre fill cost centers to purchase invoices to speed up the decision making process for your customers.



Want to automate adding account information with more than 95 % confidence? With intelligent automation you may skip accounting altogether for most of your invoices.

AI Inside

How AI Inside by FabricAI works?

How AI Inside by FabricAI works?

  1. Convert invoices into FabricAI’s invoice schema and add labels
  2. Define the label you want to train (e.g. routing, accounts, cost centers)
  3. Train the model
  4. Evaluate the model with real data
  5. Start using the model in production
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deep learning models to automate purchase invoice processing

CASE Bilagsfabrikken behandler inngående bilag på løpende bånd. Raskt, nøyaktig og trygt.

In October 2020 Tripletex launched Bilagsfabrikken to automate their customers’ invoice processing in Norway.

Bilagsfabrikken uses AI Inside to generate predictions on account numbers, cost centers and VAT statuses.

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Want to give AI Inside spin?

Want to give AI Inside spin?

You can try out AI Inside by FabricAI by training one model and using it for 500 invoices. Free quota is assigned to your organization and will expire after three months.

For more detailed pricing information, please, contact us.

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